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Is this the best intro ophthalmology book ever written? Well … that’s how some fans describe OphthoBook. In fact, you can read hundreds of comments from satisfied readers on this site. Here you’ll find the “free” online chapters of the book, along with video lectures that correspond to each chapter. Help support this project by buying the printed book at Amazon:

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Read the chapters right here:

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ophthobookquestionsIf you like OphthoBook … you’re going to LOVE OphthoBook Questions!

Our newest book series OphthoBook Questions is officially out and ready for purchase on Amazon. This hilarious book contains over 300 multiple choice questions, sampling every subspecialty within our field. It’s perfect for the struggling student or technician trying to get ahead!

This book is appropriate for medical students, optometry students, and eye technicians scrambling to learn the basics as quickly as possible. The material within these pages is BASIC! Experienced residents and practicing doctors will find this series too easy.

Check out the silly video “infomercial” that explains the book in more detail. Warning: This video gets crazier the longer you watch.


  1. A very good, short and informative introduction into ophthalmology for students or primary care physicians. The author has the educational talent to explain things clearly without any fuss. Highly recommended!
    Jan de Waard GP.

  2. I hate Tim Root, but I love this book….if only there were some way to get rid of him and keep the book!

    Editor’s comment: Ha!

  3. The author of the book is a very interesting guy who loves anything that has an optic system involved. The book is avery instructional aid for medical students.
    Good luck Dr. Root in your new endeavors!!

  4. What can I say? It is an incrediable book which helps me a lot to preparing the application of Residency. Also, I would like to make some correction about cornea at Page 32. “Conea should be measured around 540µm instead of 540nm”. Same mistakes also in PIMP question no.8. And, would it be possible to let me translate the book content to Traditional Chinese to introduce this excellent book for the medical students who speak Chinese?

  5. This is one of the best resources I have read in 4 years of medical school. I highly recommend it for any student wanting to learn ophthalmology. A true benchmark in books for medical students!

  6. Probably being stupid and have just missed it, but is there a section on iritis, scleritis and episcleritis? Is it in the pipeline? Videos are BRILLIANT by the way!

  7. Great Book!

    This book has been chosen as our introduction to Ophthalmology at the FSU College of Medicine at Daytona Beach, Florida…the PUPILS love it!


  8. This book is so great. Its exactly what I was looking for, and I actually like reading it in my free time. Now I won’t feel like an idiot when I shadow the ophthalmologists at school haha. Thanks for the awesome resource!!!

  9. Its a capsule of knowledge. When a book is so simple to read and understand we must appreciate the tremendous effort of the author, the master teacher. A salute for his efforts.And thank you so much.

    A Medical Student,

  10. absolutely informative! i’m a pediatrician who had little exposure to ophthalmology in medical school and residency. after watching 2-3 videos on this site, i’m already feeling more comfortable with the eye!

  11. Hey Tim,

    Exploring… after you gave me the book. Think I will watch these videos for more practice knowledge. I appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to seeing the growth because of it.
    Talk soon.

  12. This is a fantastic website!! Highly recommended, and many thanks to the creator for making it free. The information is readily accessible and can be understood by everyone. I can’t enthuse about it enough!

  13. I attended the lecture you gave to the Florida Council Operating Room Nurses(FCORN) last month in Daytona and enjoyed your lecture more then all others combined. I have a great deal of Ophthalmology surgery experience here in FL and NY but no one ever put a twist on it’s presentation like you did. I want to get a copy of your book for my collection. Could you possibly autograph one for me.

  14. Great site!! It is one of the best things i have found about ophthalmology. Keep updating! I wish more lecture videos!!

  15. Exellent book

    I am an ophthalmolgy resident. I find in this book a lot of important tips that we cannot find in any book.

    Questions :
    1- could the author develop more the chapters “in his special way” for specialist?
    2- could he add more chapters concerning treatment?

    Thank you

  16. Hello, thank you very much for this hard interesting work.
    Could you please make a short movie demonstrating the Keratometery measurement’s ( (keratometric power of the cornea, net refractive power of the cornea, and anterior radius of the cornea). It is a very complicated part of measurement for most students. Please Please make it on a manual keratometer if possible.
    Thank you .

  17. I would feel guilty if I didnt say thank you to you. the videos are awesome and it is so much valuable and precious to me. god bless you for this good job.

  18. the info provided here is just awsume..no other teacher or site can do it better as it here..!
    all i can say is great wrok…thxx for sharing the knowledge.!

  19. very thankful to Dr Root these videos helped me a lot in understanding the subject ,he has great teaching ability but i cauldn’t se the pediatrics video completely

  20. Great website. Im in my third year of a biology degree, and this is really a great source of information for someone like me trying to start thinking forward and get familiar with subjects that the next phase of training will bring.

  21. OMG. Thank you for this resource. JUST what I needed. Fantastic intro to Ophthalmology!!! Wish this was available for Internal Med, Surg and Peds!

  22. Hi Tom.. I am an ophthalmologist too and I had interest in cartooning and flash animation. I did a lot when I was a resident and you can check out my flash cartooning site


    Glad to know that there are people like you in the universe.


  23. amazing! i am doing finals soon and have been struggling with ophthalmology but this has made everything so clear! thank you!!

  24. Waaaw !! What a useful book ! The cartoons draws are really helpful . I am interested in the Neurology’s chapter . Thanks a lot

  25. I’ve found this website really helpful during our 1-week rotation in Ophthalmo! a very complicated oragn like an eye woulkd be very difficult to cover in such a short time so I was really in need for an educational site with this level of simplicity that covers all the needed material, and at the same tme attracting to study! Well done 🙂 I think it will be a good idea to add on a searching word tool for easirer access for the whole website.

  26. Can you help me with a question I have:

    What is the standard of care if a lens falls during cataract surgery? What should the surgeon do? Appreciate your answer soon.

  27. Can you answer one question for me:

    What is the standard of care if a lens falls during cataract surgery? What should surgeon do? Await your answer. Thank you

  28. Your book is fabulous, and your videos even more so. You are a clear thinker, with easy to follow explanations. Thank you Dr. Root for such awesome teaching! M2.

  29. Thank you sooooo much..
    Great videos, u r making things more easier n simpler! So,so wanna buy your book! But I don’t know where..(I’ll try to find it!) and btw, you sound like a very nice person! (Your students must be very lucky to have you..)
    Please keep uploading your videos..thank you 🙂

    -Medical student studying in egypt,but I’m malaysian :)-

  30. Hey Dr. Root

    Great job with your website.
    I am a medical student that is interested in ophthalmology and i really like how you present the material.

    If possible, I would suggest you to make videos on how to use the slit lamp, indirect w/ 90 and indirect w/ 15 if possible.

    If you can illustrate the principles, I think all students will find it invaluable.

    Thank you!

  31. Bought the book and have been enjoying it greatly. Any thoughts on doing a video or chapter on pharmacology of the eye?

  32. Fantastic website, and the videolectures has given me tenfolded insight compared to our lectures in medclass…! Greatful greetings from Norway! 🙂

  33. Hi Dr. Root!

    First of all thank you for these informative details its definitely a big help. However, I was looking for the second part of streak retinoscopy I found on youtube and thats what directed me to your site. Did you take it out already? If so, can you advise any website thats as good as what you have?

    thanks and keep up the great work!

  34. This is brilliant!
    Thank you so much!
    Am revising for my final medical exams, having struggled with eyes for 5 years, but I finally understand thanks to this website!

    Very grateful, will let you know if I pass!

  35. thanx for ur efforts …the videos r realy great
    but pleas u could show us how to know the depth
    of AC because it realy confused me
    thanx a lot

  36. This is a lovely piece of work. quick learning and excellent presentation.
    Amazing site
    Excellent work from the Author, Live long

  37. great site, i learned a lot regarding the eye
    i hope there may be a quiz for every category, (e.g multiple choice type, or identification etc.)

    more power

  38. It is great, excellant videos.
    Thanks a lot for your effort.
    I could learn easily in a brief time.
    Please make this work grow.

  39. Am a Family Physician, was looking for a good well illustrated online source to brush up on my Ophthalmology, stumbled on to your Website, I simply love it, Great Job!!!

  40. Hey. I found your videos through YouTube.com, and followed the link here. I’d like to thank you for creating such a clear, accessible tomb of ocular information. From the cartoons to the narration to the live-video of cataract-surgery, it’s just great work.

    *Suggestion: Make a fews vids. about which tools are available, which you prefer, etc.

  41. Question: in Chapter 3, Pimp question 13, How does VEGF from retinal ischemia, presumably originating in the vitreous chamber, manage to get to the anterior chamber to cause neovascularization of the iris?

    And, does the trabecular meshwork encircle the entire circumference, 360 degrees, of the irido-corneal angle?

    GREAT BOOK !!! My brain aches with new knowledge. Thanks.

  42. Read this for my opthalmology rotation – it’s great.

    Just wondering if you could do a simple chapter on common presenting complaints and their differentials, sort of like a problem based approach.

    i.e. the differentials for red eye and how you can distinguish them with clinical history/exam and investigations.


  43. I’ll have to order this book. Should have done so before upcoming cataract surgery, but with Dr. Root, I’m not concerned.

    I am a retired engineer who asks a lot of questions and he can clearly explain things to me that most people don’t even ask about. He is one of those rare people with a wide range of talents that also can put things into understandable terms for non-opthalmology knowledgeable patients – as well as for medical students.

    I am a patient of Dr. Root, and I love Dr. Root!

    [I had to counter that previous comment about hating him, which I am SURE was made in jest by a friend – once you meet him and talk awhile, you have to love the guy!]

  44. Dear Dr. Root,

    You seem to be very well rooted to ophthalmology basics because only a person whose fundamentals are clear can present a complex matter in such a beautiful way(cartoons included!).

    Dr. P. Ubed
    Above Hanuman Glasses
    Old Balibat

  45. Thank you this homepage.

    i’m KOREAN (South korea)

    My major Ophto

    i did fine retinoscopy video in google

    i cant english very well but i understanded few..

    i will visit this to study my major.

    Thank you.. Thank you.

  46. That is a very good book … Thanks alot.
    eye is complicated and this clarify alot of things.

    Are there any other books as this for other science like for ENT ?
    i really need something like this for ENT.

  47. Thank you so much! I’m a medical student and have an exam coming up! I needed a quick revision on the anatomy of the eye. Your videos helped me understand the concepts completely! I will definitely be purchasing your book! Thank you!

  48. hi dr tim, From Perú, congratulations for this web site, it will be useful for our students and optometrist here. I´ll share this page for them. I.ll be sure they like this.
    Thank you for making teaching easier.

  49. thanks so musch for your encouragenment and your helping for the students who are studying in the faculties of optometry and visual science specially in sudan!
    “somal`s students in khartoum”

  50. hey Dr. Tim Root,
    I had missed most of my clinical classes, and your videos helped me to catch up. Thank you for your endeavor. I wish there’d be more people like you who would post such brilliantly composed videos for medical students and doctors alike. Keep up the good work!

  51. Dear Dr Tim Root,

    Indeed, I am absolutely very delighted to read the Opthobook and watch videos, it is very testfully done, excellent information and I admire your simple but very effective presentation that makes the subject matter very easy to understand. You are an excellent teacher and admire your generosity to put the entire book on the web and great service to the medical and nonmedicalcommunity
    My eternal well wishes to you Sir.

  52. Excellent, about to start an ophtho rotation tomorrow and I could not have imagined a better website! You guys have done a fantastic job!

  53. I am interested in finding out where you purchased the fixation wand used in the eye movement videos. The wand had a yellow ball and was used to have the patient follow it with eye movement to detect the palsy being evaluated. My e-mail address is info@vsofb.com. I really have enjoyed your videos. Thanks in advance for the info.

  54. Dear doctor
    Iam very please to read the glaucoma topic only and i have gained a lot. It is a fantastic book and ineed to have your book, but i live and work a war thorn country of Somalia . I can not buy or even pay the book and i can not download my favourite book in optholmology

    Thank you for such a book

    Bye Dr. Osman

  55. I m a big big fan of this book.i m following this book since 2008 and till now when i’ve decided to continue my career in ophthalmology its helping me alot. Its the greatest thing i’ve ever searched.

  56. I’m a final year medical student in Brisbane, Australia. This site was recommended by my Ophthal registrar. Thank you so much! The videos are amazing and so easy to follow. I wish I had a resource like this for all my rotations!

  57. Dear Dr. Root,
    I can’t thank you enough for this concise, interesting, and fun to read intro to ophtho! I certainly would have loved to have a book like this for all my rotations. I particularly loved all the videos, and would definitely appreciate video lectures on more concentrated topics–perhaps a level 2 ophthobook in the future?

    Thanks again for all the help!

  58. hey! this is some really awesome work! do keep it up! =)it has helped me alot considering im not very fond of ophthal as a med student!!=(
    could you please put up lectures on disease of eyelids,strabismus,nystagmus,etc please? i would be really grateful!

  59. The most impressive website I have ever seen! Thanks for the amazing work, you make really difficult concepts so easy,fun and interesting. This is the way ALL specialties should be presented!!!

    South African Medical Student

  60. Great book,congratulations!!
    Thank you very much for your huge effort,it’s really amazing,
    keep it that way 🙂

  61. I appreciate this online book. It is very insightful and reads very well. I recommend it for all medical students and medical doctors.

  62. excellent!
    i’m an undergraduated student of Zhejiang University.China, major in opathalmology. This website takes great information to me and do help to me. Thanks to ETA, and all staffs who contribute to the foundation and website.

  63. I would be very grateful if u could show me how to handle a patient who comes in a clinic for a contact lens. I want to know the types of contact lenses and its selection for an individual.

  64. Tim,
    What an excellent, excellent website: very clear teaching, superb videos and well-written texts. And of course, the charming illustrations and cartoons 🙂
    Just fabulous… Thank you for all the effort and passion you’ve put into this.

    It is so very inspiring, to see the amount of work you’ve put into this… benefitting so many.

    Very best wishes,
    Sui Wong
    London, UK
    (a Neuro-ophthalmology Fellow)

  65. Am a new guy here and i also see the comment of the rest i want to study and become an ophthalmologist in future that is why am seaching the net for this and i will be looking forward to seeing more. Thanks

  66. a great job. u really have made that subject interesting so that one will love to study it. and the way u presented the videos is unquestionable. thanking u again.God bless u.

  67. Dear doctor Root,

    we just read your book and watched almost all your videos and were ready to go to take an exam from ophtalmology. Just keep on building this website. The way you explain things is so natural, it makes information just flow into our heads..Thank you for this.

    Jan & Klara from Prague, The Czech Republic

    PS: will you talk about strabism and LASIK a bit more?

  68. sir plzzzzzzzzzzz do something for direct and indirect opthlamoscopy? i m medical student and in opd very few r interested to show these procedure to undergradute student..:-(

  69. I love your courses very informative. I want to take abo but every course or website I visit are either more confusing or no help at all. I was wondering if you could do a lecture on topics like metric system, electromagnetic spectrum and formulas. Your lecture are the best I seen very easy to understand and fun. Please help me pass the A.B.O.

    Thank you

  70. i came across the videos on youtube and they’re absolutely fantastic!
    you’re doing a great job at making ophthal easy for an undergraduate 🙂

  71. this question has come up twice in recent months when ordering contact lenses…ie OD -1.00-0.75×060
    OS -1.25-100×0130
    order two boxes OU….for the above prescription

    One of the doctors told us this is incorrect, that OU only referred to the prescription being the same in each eye, not that we were to order 2 boxes for each eye…I don’t have a problem with being compliant with a drs. request but it sure has stirred up a hornets nest at work, to the point the GM (unlicensed) will have a talk with the doctors that we didn’t work for them and they don’t need to tell us what to do….so I’ve been looking in my dispensing books and have found OU as “both eyes” but I have not substanciated clearly if it refers only as OU same prescription eyes or is it more broadly used i.e., 2 boxes OU meaning I want 2 boxes for each eye no matter what the prescription…does a GM really have that much authority to tell the doctors the tecnical part of their job. Also today we were told we can dispense contact lens boxes before the patient is finished with their final progress check and that is was ok cuz we work under doctors license of the owner of the chain from KT….uhm…real questions here….I called state board got a busy signal all day. Reviewed my TN Rules…0490-01.-10 p.11 and 0490-01-.22 p.40 paragraph 1 states “a dispensing optician may not fit contact lenses except in the presence of and under the direct supervision of a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist” direct doesn’t sound like a doctor licensed living and working in another state to me…also paragraphs a and b state “upong delivery of a written prescription by an opthalmologist or otometrist, the licensed dispensing optician will deliver the contact lenses to the patient

  72. from this site i have learnt to appreciate things about the eye that i never thought i could understand.its a great work you are doing over there.please keep it up. thanks so much Dr Tim and his ophthobuk group.

    Student optometrist (knust-Ghana)

  73. these videos are simply awesome, specially for we undergraduates. but it would have been more better if u discuss neuro ophthalmology in somewhat more details, specially the visual field concepts

  74. I’m a Teacher of the Visually Impaired and this is a GREAT resource – thank you! I plan to share the link with many parents and colleagues!

  75. I love this site. I am rotating through ophtho for 2 wks and would be lost without this. Tim Root makes it all so simple.

    Thank you so much!

  76. Hi,

    I am a 5th year medical student from Jordan. Your site was suggested to me by a friend of mine who got a very good marks in the Ophthalmolgy rotation. Because of how excited and how impressed my friend was, I opened your website as soon as I got home. “I watched them not only because of how informative they are, but also, because how funny the doctor is” My friend told me.

    Only after watching one of your videos, I am here writing this comment. I do not need to watch more videos to judge the quality of these videos… They are absolutely amazing!!! I did not know that ophthalmology is that interesting and easy to understand.

    Finally, one small suggestion: I suggest that you create a youtube channel. If you had a youtube channel, I believe that you could now have thousands of subscribers. I would be honored to subscribe in your channel.

    Thank you.

  77. I would like to add my name to the throngs of happy users with a few additional comments. I am a 4th year medical student at USC in California. We are privileged to have the Doheny Eye institute and receive instruction from world renowned physicians during our medical school lectures and Ophthalmology rotation. In preparation for my rotation, I began reading and watching video’s from this site. Once on the wards, I was delighted to find that our attending physicians were actually referring us to Ophthobook.com as an ideal source for after hours studying and exam preparation. I have been comparing notes with our official didactics, other textbooks, and this resource and can say that the information here is entirely consistent if not superior to the most authoritative texts and lecturers I have encountered.

    I must also make comment on the fact that Dr. Root has made superb use of mixed media. These are not merely powerpoints with embeded video’s. Animations, text, videos and intelligent summarization make this a model modern teaching style.

    Thank you so much for this incredible and free! resource.

  78. Thanks so much for this informative website, especially the videos- concise, funny, memorable, easy to understand. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect intro for med students. Only wish the specialty I’m going into had a resource this cool!

  79. I adore your work uptil now..hope u can add more help by publishing eay learning books for post graduate opthalmic studies..

    Thanks. From Egypt

  80. respected sir
    i don’t know where to ask a question so i am writing it in your comment box…
    may u please tell me why can’t i use a retinoscope to do ophthalmoscopy and vice versa

    i have tried many online and offline resources but could not understand… please e-mail me if u see this and like to reply… thank you sir

  81. In my culture, when you visit and you are given something to eat, you thank your host for the tasty item before you actually taste it…because you know they laboured and put in their all to make the meal…
    So, i thank the Dr. whose efforts we are all privileged to enjoy and help us learn!
    By the way, i have an insatiable desire to study ophthalmology, so i am certain this book will provide me with the wisdom i need!
    Thank you so much!!!

  82. hello .. i am AdeL from yemen .. medical student and i like your book and videoes .. i am just askin u …can u tell us r u goin to do another video … i hope u reply me back
    Good luck

  83. Hi
    Thanx a lot for this great creative book…videos were amazing ,lecture notes were more than great,,they r clear to the point and straight forward and has all I want to know aboutboptha as a Family Dr.

    U made opthalmology so easy 🙂 but sure we do need the skills heheh…

    Looking fwd to more video and making life easy notes and videos..it’s really impressing the hard work u did to make opthalmology easy….


  84. Your material is incredible. What a pity you tried your hand only on ophthalmology. I’m recommending this site also as a course on didactics. Perhaps something of your art will get attached to a lot of (so called) medical teachers…

  85. You have no idea how precious has been this material for me (just started first year residency). You should be doing this thing professionally! Thanks a lot!!!

  86. Thanks for this book! I’m studying Tecnología Médica in Chile, and all information publicated in this page has been useful for me!! Muchas gracias!

  87. hi i’m from the philippines, ur book is incredible,it is easy to understand and very helpful. truly it is the best intro to optha book ever. maraming salamat! 🙂

  88. What is it that people that have 20/10 have that people with 20/20 don’t have? It is the cornea, the lens, or the retina?

  89. I just want to say THANK YOU Doctor Timothy Root

    (( you have taught me and you have influenced me ))

    I ask Allah to guide you to make the right choices in every step of your life

  90. Hello Tim,

    I must confess that you are God sent! You are simply amazing and an expert in basic education.

    Pls kindly post video of how to effectively use the BINOCULAR INDIRECT OPHTHALMOSCOPE. This technique is confusing to me.

    Pls TIM help kindly as I enjoyed the tips on SLIM LAMP BIOMICROSCOPY!

    Thanks in advance sir!

  91. Thank you so much for having your lectures on YouTube and reading materials online. Access to both, has helped me educationally & assisted me to understand my new job as a scribe at a Pediatric Ophthalmologist office. I know that Ophthobook.com is utilized for medical students, but just wanted you to know it has helped me keep my job. Also, I have ordered your book on Amazon.com to keep @ work.

  92. Thank you do much!! I’m a second year medical student and this was an absolutely vital learning tool for me. It’s clear, straigtforward, and gets right to the high yield points of opthomology. I would not have been able to get through my course without this book.

  93. Hey Dr. Root,
    Just to let you know the Neuro-Ophthalmology video part 1 cuts off at 8min 50seconds….I was hoping to watch the whole 24 minutes since it is so high-yield!


  94. Hi Dr.Root,
    I’m presenting about Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK) and I wanted to construct a simple model showing how the surgery goes and the “air bubble technique” but I just can’t think about the appropriate tools that can simulate the layers of the cornea and the injection of air. Can you help me, please? ’cause I know you’ve got a spectacular, super creative magnificent mind 😀

  95. Hello dr.root!

    i loved this site and i just shared it with all students of my class ! getting good feedback ! thankssssssss much !

    Have a nice day 🙂

  96. Hey dr. Root!

    You’ve made ophthamology fun and understandable!! Thanks alot, keep up the good work!

    Greetz from the Netherlands!

  97. hey Tim,

    ‘m balu doin mbbs in india .
    u have made me fall in love with optho..
    a heartily thanks to u …wish i cud meet u ever .

    an i hv one problem ..please make one video on A and V phenomenon ..i dint get it …

  98. FINALLY! A site that helps! I’m changing careers (from RN to Optom. Tech) and the abbreviations are so helpful. I am the only tech for 3 doctors and I was having to learn on my own. I know Nursing but Optometry is something totally and this site is what I needed! Good Job!!!

  99. i wish you have some lectures with CE credits simply because i’d rather do my 20hrs CE listening to your lectures than to anyone else.

  100. Very informative, clear and amusing. I hope to teach medicine someday with the same technique that you use — clear diagrams through own animations, concise, interesting and makes learning very fun. 🙂 An inspiration indeed.

  101. hello
    i am doc.alex bubalo

    i think u re great mister tim and all of u .

    super cool and great people

    does anyone have a apk file to send me
    this android
    Ophthalmology Exam Flashcards

    i know to instail it dirrecly
    if someone has these flash cards
    exam tests it helps me to stay in shape
    or okap pdf or ppt what ever …
    thank u great people
    alex saluda a vois
    alexander bubalo o alex o a1ex.b.

  102. Bula, this is a really helpful book which I was actually eager on reading…not too deep for us med students but at the same time not depriving us of vital infor…thank u so much Dr Root!!!

  103. I love your video. They are amazing, my favourate one has to be the Slit lamp one.
    Great job and thank you for this amazing website…. BIG FAN

  104. thanks, im an opthalmic resident an taking clinical classes of undergraduates. this is of great help. thank you again

  105. About a month ago I got my broken orbit (small orbit fracture )and i recover fast, but now I am facial pain,nose and cheek(sinus Area) .what must i do?
    Pls help me?

  106. Hi, Dr Root.
    We love your video on foreign body removal.
    My name is Jake Isserman. We are working with  Scott Weingart of the
    EMCrit Podcast; and Rob Orman, we are the video editors for the
    upcoming edition of Roberts and Hedges. Roberts and Hedges is the most
    popular procedure guide for emergency medicine. We are gathering
    videos for the online version of the text.
    We want your permission to include your video. You will retain all
    copyrights! In exchange for Elsevier being able to publish your video
    on the text’s website you will get CV claimable chapter authorship and
    a free copy of the text. You can link back to your site or project on
    the video page as well.
    If you have questions, please respond to this comment.

  107. You are the best friend of the first year ophthalmology resident, and sure for the the other years, thanks from my heart’s depths .

  108. The patient has retinal detachment 6 years now on both eyes. She did the laser surgery on the left eye when same was much younger. The eye vision is great after doing routine check ups by the eye surgeon. Now the patient has a very big problem on the right eye, “same is seeing half vision and half dark”. When she went to the surgeon today for check ups, same advice her that the retinal detachment is huge and surgery can be perform, but chances are the vision will be the “same half vision and half dark” on the right eye. So she couldn’t afford the surgery on time. Can you please advice me properly Sir/Miss! If she have this surgery in 2 or 3 months from now, can this still help her eye from getting that lost of vision for life.

  109. I can’t thank you enough for this amazing site,, everything here is very useful and made simple.
    I’m truly in love with this website! the BEST EVER! thumbs up 😉

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