Retained lens material after cataract surgery (Video)

This eye has a small piece of lens nucleus sitting in the bottom of the anterior chamber after successful phaco cataract extraction. This usually occurs when a piece of the hard nucleus gets stuck in the angle and isn’t seen in surgery because of dense arcus or corneal edema (especially sub-incisionally).

This nuclear fragment eventually absorbed without requiring an AC washout, though the eye did require a more prolonged course of steroid. The end visual result was still excellent without corneal decompensation.

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retainedlens.wmv (2.8 meg, Windows video file)


Retained nucleus lens
This slit-lamp photograph shows a piece of retained lens nucleus in the anterior chamber of the eye. This piece is small, and if you look closely you can see the layered nature of this cataract.

Dr. Timothy Root is a practicing ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon in Daytona Beach, Florida. His books, video lectures, and training resources can be found at:


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