Hypopion layering in the eye (Video)

This video shows an eye with a hypopyon. This is when pus layers out in the front portion of the AC and can be seen as white in the bottom portion of this movie.

Hypopions can be sterile or infectious. This particular case was secondary to bacterial endophthalmitis from an exposed tube-shunt (a tube placed in eyes with advanced glaucoma). You can see the end of the tube in the video as well. Intraocular inflammation like this can also be seen in certain types of uveitis.

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hypopion.wmv (6 meg, Windows video file)


This photo shows a small hypopyon (layer of pus) in the anterior chamber of an eye that has undergone a glaucoma tube-shunt surgery. This hypopion was caused by an infection that tracked into the eye from an exposed tube. The resulting endophthalmitis is serious, difficult to treat, and the end vision for this eye was not good.
This photograph is a microscopic picture taken of an eye at the slit lamp with a hypopyon. Also spelled “hypopion” this is a layer of pus in the bottom of the front anterior chamber of the eye.

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