Hyphema of the eye (Video)

This video shows a layer of blood inside the eye called a hyphema. Hyphemas like this one can occur after blunt injury when the delicate iris arteries bleed into the front anterior chamber of the eyeball.

Treatment of hyphemas involves steroid drops (to decrease inflammation) and cycloplegics (to dilate the eye for comfort and to keep the iris from sticking to the underlying lens). Also, avoid blood thinners if possible, sleep with the bed elevated, and control of eye pressure are important.

The danger period after a hyphema is days 3-5, as this is when the clot can regress and rebleed.

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hyphema.wmv (6 meg, Windows video file)


As RBCs are denser than water, they tend to settle out … in this eye, they have settled in a layer comprising the bottom 15% of the anterior chamber.
Hyphema Layer
This bleeding occurs in the anterior chamber right behind the cornea.
Layered blood
If you look closely, you can actually see two layers … the bottom layer is darker and the top is redder and made of fresh rbcs.

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