Trabeculectomy Blebitis Infection (Video)

This video shows an infected trabeculectomy bleb after glaucoma surgery. You can see that the conjunctiva looks hemorrhagic, the cornea is hazy, and the anterior chamber is cloudy. Under the upper eyelid you can see a light-colored patch of infection. This is the site of the prior bleb and the likely source of this serious infection.

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blebitis.wmv (2.3meg, Windows video file)


This photo shows a highly inflamed eye. If you look at the top of the photo, you’ll see a white area just under the upper eyelid. This is the infected bleb from a prior glaucoma surgery.
This photo shows an infected bleb that has evolved to a more serious endophthalmitis. You can see the hemorrhagic chemosis and cloudy anterior chamber.
Infected trabeculectomy
The slit-beam light gives you a sense of elevation right at the site of the trabeculectomy bleb.
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