Punctal plugs in the eye (Video)

This video shows a closeup of a punctal plug. These plugs are placed in the punctum of the eye to decrease tear drainage and help with dry eye. They come on an applicator (pictured here at the beginning of the movie) that the ophthalmologist uses to help insert them.

This silicone stopper is a temporary solution, but can be helpful with extream dryness. They are small and difficult to see, and will often fall out after a few months, so it’s recommended that you don’t rub the medial corners of the eye if it can be helped. A total of four plugs can be placed if needed: as each eye has an upper and a lower punctum.

Download this video

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punctalplug.wmv (2.9 meg, Windows video file)


Punctal Plug Inserter
This microscopic picture shows a punctal plug. This small plug is made of silicone and is still attached to the inserter.
Punctal Plug
This closeup shows a punctal plug attached to a punctal inserter. This plug is made of silicone and is inserted into the punctum in the eyelid to decrease tear drainage and help with dry eye.
Plug in eyelid
This photograph shows a plug in the lower punctum.

Dr. Timothy Root is a practicing ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon in Daytona Beach, Florida. His books, video lectures, and training resources can be found at:



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