Iris coloboma (Video)

This video shows an iris coloboma defect in the eye. As you can see here, the iris muscle hasn’t completely formed in the infero-nasal portion of the globe. This gives the normally round pupil a “keyhole” appearance. If you look closely, you can even see the edge of the lens … which you can’t normally see. The left eye’s lens has a divot in it (a lens coloboma).

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iriscoloboma.wmv (6 meg, Windows video file)


Iris Coloboma
This photograph shows an iris coloboma defect in the infero-temporal iris. Colobomas tend to occur in this quadrant because this is the last portion of the eye to close.
Lens coloboma
This extreamly magnified view of the eye shows a coloboma defect in the iris. In this case, you are looking at the left eye and the defect is infero-temporal. The iris is not completely missing as their exists a strand of iris tissue like a bridge. The lens is also defective here, with a dimpling in of the edge and lack of zonules at this spot.

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