Glaucoma Drop Side Effects (Video)

This video shows some of the side effects seen with glaucoma drops like xalatan (latanaprost) and alphagan (brimonidine). As you can see here, the eyelashes can get very long and full from prostaglandin drops. You can also get increased pigmentation around the periocular skin, though this is NOT seen here.

Also, alphagan can cause an allergic reaction in some people, that occurs even after long-time use of the drop. This classically causes a bulbar follicular conjunctivitis. The best way to view these follicular bumps is using the blue light under the microscope.

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Screen captures

Prostaglandin Lashes
This photograph shows long lash growth from Xalatan use. This glaucoma drop works wonderfully and is a mainstay for the treatment of high eye pressure, but does have some side effects.
Long Lashes
This photograph shows the long, lush eyelash growth that can occur with prostraglandin analogue drops like Lumigan and Travatan. These glaucoma drops are a great boon to the treatment for high intraocular pressure, but can make the lashes grow and even cause slight skin pigmentation changes.
Bulbar follicles
This photograph of the eye shows follicular bumps on the surface of the bulbar conjunctiva. These were likely caused by Alphagan, which is famous for causing delayed sensitivity reactions and bulbar reactions, even after years of use without prior reaction.
Follicular reaction on the conj
This photograph shows follicular bumps on the bulbar conjunctiva. Bulbar cysts like this area easier to see when using the cobalt light on the slit-lamp. This picture is difficult to interpret because everything is so dark, but those are bumps on the white part of the eye.

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