Eyelid epithelial inclusion cyst (Video)

This video shows a cyst on the eyelid. In this case, the lesion is an epithelial inclusion cyst. These benign growths are fluid-filled entrapments internally lined with epithelial cells that continue to produce excretions. Thus, the cyst is filled with debris … in this case keratin. This bump looks yellow and transilluminates, further supporting this diagnosis.

You can remove these many ways. As this case was a “first time” appearance, it was removed at the slit-lamp by slicing horizontally with a needle and expressing the contents with a 0.3 forcep.

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Epithelial Inclusion Cyst
This is a benign lesion filled with keratin material, giving the lesion a yellow-cast. It was treated by simple excision and expression of the inner contents at the slit-lamp.
inclusion cyst
This is a closeup of an inclusion cyst on the lower eyelid of an eye.
Keratin Cyst
This microscope picture shows a small yellow bump on the lower eyelid. The vertical line is a line of light that the doctor uses to get a better idea of size and depth.
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  1. My opthomolist said I have cysts in the eye–shocked did not ask questions; however, will when I see him in Sept or call before—
    What are cysts in the eye? I could not find anything on this! Do not have cysts on eyelids at all. Thank you for any information on the above mentioned.

  2. Roselle,
    There are many kinds of cysts that he could be talking about. For example, you can have tiny inclusion cysts or hydrocystomas along the eyelids or on the white part of your eye. These can be so small that you cannot see them, but your doctor can under the microscope. They are harmless, and not indicative of anything.

    People can also have small cysts on the surface of the cornea, those these are usually painful. Also, cysts on the iris itself. Finally, you might have some kind of cystoid macular edema in the retina.

    If your eye doctor mentioned it offhandedly, than it’s probably nothing dangerous. However, when you DO speak to the doctor, be sure to have your doctor write it down your “cyst diagnosis” on a piece of paper before you leave. This way, you can look it up online and learn more about it.

  3. hi, i developed a cyst on the white of my eye 4 weeks ago, i did see an optician, now it has increased to about 7 small cysts, is this ok?? they dont bother me, but they make my eye blood shot thank you from dorel

  4. I have just been diagnosed with “epithelial inclusion cyst” yet I cannot find a photo of this on-line. I have a photo and would like to send, but I see no place to upload. I am sincerely concerned with the “county” opthalmalgic (sp) surgeon removing this cyst with a scalpel and yet I have found nothing on the internet, as yet, to alleviate my fears. Can you help?
    Thank you

  5. Can you send me a video the actual procedure of the cyst removal by using a 25 gauge needle? I am really interested to learn on how to perform the incision by using only a needle which does not require local anesthesia or sedate the patient. Eyes are to be treated carefully. Thank you

  6. I have begun to develop what appears to possibly be these small epithelial cysts under my eyelids, but in my case in the same places in both eyes, (The inner corners of the eyes, near the nose,) There are cysts on both the top and bottom interior lids, in both eyes, with one eye worse than the other. I suspect that my protease inhibitor HIV medication could be causing these cysts; Is this possible? They are bothersome, and are causing deformity in the shape of my eyes, and are most inflamed upon waking up in the morning. This is so odd, as there is one on each upper & lower lid. My doctors seem to know nothing about a side effect such as this from the drugs, and I’m very frustrated as no one is able to diagnose this. Thanks

  7. i have bump on my eye it is really big and i do not know what to do it is very painful my whole eye is swollen and red i know for a fact it is not pink eye what is it

  8. I have a small very white, not yellow at all, cyst near the tear duct on my left eye. It doesn’t bother me other than the appearance. I would like to get it removed. Who does this kind of surgery and it is done in the office, correct?

  9. I have a growth in the outside corner of my right eye. I’ve had it for about 3 months. it is not painful but it is annoying. I’ve tried wet appliances but it doesn’t do anything.


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