Draining chalazion of the eyelid (Video)

Here you can see a draining chalazion of the upper eyelid. Chalazions occur from a blockage of one of the oil-producing meibomian glands at the lid margin. The static oil then incites a non-infectious granulomatous inflammation in the lid that creates a non-tender bump.

Small chalazions can often be treated with warm compresses and lid massage. Larger ones require drainage for better cosmesis.

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Large Chalazion
This photo shows a large chalazion on the latteral aspect of the upper eyelid. This chalazion is acute, in that it is very large and draining. This particular lesion is non-tender, however, it is still draining. Some may call this a hordeolum, though there is not much inflammation or redness.
Draining Chalazion
This photo shows a draining chazion on the inner portion of the upper eyelid. This particular chalazion has been spontaneously draining for some time.
Purulent material
This chalazion is draining on the inside of the eyelid.

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  1. Thank you – my ten year old has both eyes at this stage. It’s been on week on meds and only got worse… thank you – time to lance…

  2. nice photo showing a swelling in a mebomian gland.there is also some sort of edema in the lid margin.it is noticed that there is no pain associated with the case till infection occurs


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