Corneal laceration that’s seidel positive (Video)

This video shows a cornea with a small laceration through the stroma. You can tell that the wound goes all the way into the anterior chamber as the wound is seidel positive when fluorescein is applied.

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cornealaceration.wmv (6.5 meg, Windows video file)


Corneal Laceration
This photo shows a corneal laceration under the microscope. The slit-lamp beam of light is perfect for demonstrating corneal thickness and opacities, and in this case, beautifully illuminates the contours of the laceration as it enters in an upward direction straight through the cornea and into the anterior chamber.
Seidel Test
This particular laceration was all the way through the cornea such that the aqueous was slowly leaking. The Seidel test (rubbing a fluorescein strip across the wound) was positive.

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  1. Hi
    Great website.
    I had a case where the child was hit with a Pencil in the eye. The AC was well formed and the sidel was positive, there was severe reaction in the AC (+4), and there was adherent leucoma. Va was 6/24.
    Please can you tell the treatment choices in this situation.


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