Conjunctival inclusion cyst (Video)

Here is a video showing a large, translucent cyst on the conjunctiva of the eye. This is most likely an epithelial inclusion cyst. These occur when epithelial cells are trapped under the conjunctiva (from prior surgery) and continue to produce mucinoid secretion. This was removed via excision with an attempt to remove the entire cyst wall to prevent recurrence.

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inclusioncyst.wmv (3.4meg, Windows video file)


Epithelial Inclusion Cyst
This photo shows a large epithelial inclusion cysts. These can occur randomly, or after eye surgery when epithelial cells become trapped under the conjunctiva.
Conjunctival Cyst
These inclusion cysts are not uncommon, but generally benign. You can get a feel for the stereoscopic nature of the lesion (ie. how elevated it looks) by looking at the slit-lamp beam of light as it curves over the surface and transilluminates this lesion.
Conj cyst
This conjunctival cyst is large and as you can see from the slit-lamp light, it’s clear and transilluminates.
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