allergic conjunctivitis

The eyes are particularly sensitive to environmental allergens. Symptoms are usually bilateral, with both eyes being itchy and puffy. Eyelid swelling can be so bad that you look like you’ve been in a fight … we call these “allergic shiners.”  Treatment for allergic conjunctivitis involves cool compresses, antihistamine allergy drops, and occasionally mild steroid drops.

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  1. Allergy eye irritation is extremely common and I typically see a few patients every clinic day with symptoms. The skin on the eye (the conjunctiva) is sensitive and tends to swell easily.

    A couple of findings/symptoms that are typical with allergy:

    1. Typically both eyes are involved.
    2. Itching is common
    3. Swelling of the skin around the eyes
    4. Chemosis (swelling of the conjunctiva) seen under the microscope … see my chemosis video
    5. Papillary “bumps” on the inner surface of the eyelids.

    There are many therapies for allergic conjunctivitis, but I typically start with allergy drops and cool compresses.


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