allergy drops

Allergy drops are commonly used to treat ocular itching and swelling.  There are several types of allergy drops on the market. The first generation antihistamine drops like Opcon-A are effective but tend to give short-lived relief. Second generation antihistamines like Alaway/Zaditor are more effective and what I recommend for most of my patients.  Prescription strength allergy drops are also available such as Bepreve, Pataday, and Lastacaft.

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  1. Allergy drops are an easy way to treat allergic conjunctivitis. Most of my patients with allergies complain of specific ocular problems:

    1. Itching eyes
    2. Puffy Eyelids
    3. Both eyes are involved

    In my experience, topical allergy medicines like Alaway/Zaditor seem to be more effective than oral allergy drops. Also, oral meds tend to make people feel drowsy … and I’ve never had a patient complain of this when using eye drops alone.

  2. I am not finding information on the following:
    Engorged blood vessels on surface, inner corner of eye.
    It is a burning sensation. It is not a pterygium. Does not cause eyelids to burn. I use lots of drops for dry eyes but the problem is that wiggly, red blood vessel (not broken.
    Thanks for any suggestions as where to look and trt.

  3. I have submitted a comment but it appears to have disappeared.
    Question: Re eye, surface, red, engorged blood vessel in corner of eye (not pterygium sp?) The fuller it is, the more it burns. Eye lids not involved. Using lots of eye drops for dry eyes does not help. I would appreciate your direction or suggestions. Thank you.

  4. Enlarged blood vessels could be from a condition called “episcleritis” … it is an inflammation of deeper blood vessels on the eye. For a definitive diagnosis, you really need an eye exam so the area can be examined under a microscope. Treatment may involve mild steroid drops.


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