90-diopter view of the retina (Video)

This video was taken at the slit-lamp, and shows what the retina looks like using a hand-held 90 diopter lens. The view is less magnified than the direct scope, and allows viewing of the entire optic nerve and posterior pole. Here you can see both the “cup” (the inner divot) and “disk” (the entire round optic nerve). The movement of the slit-beam gives a stereoscopic sense of depth.

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90diopterretina.wmv (2.5meg, Windows video file)


90-diopter retina
This photo shows the view you will see with the 90 diopter lens when looking at the optic nerve. The 90-diopter gives you a much improved view when compared to the direct scope, though it does take some practice. Also, you can’t make your light beam too “thick” as this increased brightness is difficult for the patient to tolerate.

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  1. Thanks for the comment. This video, like many on this site, was simply a consumer digital camera (set on video mode) held up to the eyepiece at the slit-lamp.

    Only rarely can I capture good retina video … the lens has to be clear, and the patient tolerate a fair amount of illumination without blinking.

  2. Excellent videos, I am really amazed of the quality obtained with just a consumer digital camera. Incredible I have a firewire Camera mounted in my slit lamp through beamspliter, but I am not able to obtain such a great videos. Besides, consider the camera is just help up to the eyepice, what a master in the use of the slit lamp. Congratulations from Ecuador, South America.

  3. I can not see the videos. I see only a green screen and can hear the audio.

    Anyone else having the same problem?

    Love this site very usefull, thank you.

  4. Goodevening…
    Please,if you can,send to me to my e-mail all your educational ophthalmology videos for teaching.


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