Slit Lamp Exam (Video)

Here is a humourous, 24-minute guide to the slit-lamp eye exam. From constructing a microscope, positioning your patient, to the anterior SLE exam itself … it’s all covered here. Enjoy!

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Screen Shots from this Lecture
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Picture of underwater babySlit-lamp microscope components
The lecture begins by examining the slit lamp and physically constructing a

Adjusting eyepieces
We then continue by familiarizing ourselves with the slit lamp controls and
learning to position our patient.

Model Eye - Front of CorneaModel Eye - Hypopion
A “model eye” is used to demonstrate the 8 anterior eye structures
we look for.

Cataract Cross-sectionVitreous Jelly Simulation
The cross-section of the lens and vitreous are explained.

Retroillumination off the irisTransillumination Defects
Live eyes are then used to demonstrate advanced exam technique.

Fluorescein in waterFluorescein poured on eye
The blue filter and fluorescein are explained, as is the theory behind applanation tonometry.

Iritis versus HyphemaRed-free filter
The green (red-free) filter is used to detect red blood cells floating in the

Dr. Timothy Root is a practicing ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon in Daytona Beach, Florida. His books, video lectures, and training resources can be found at:


  1. amazing video..luvd it..jst joind residency and struggling wid slit lamp..its a gr8 help to me n my batchmates 2 watch videos like these..pls cntinue the gr8 work..

  2. Thank you Tim for all the information ….this is great not only for the OD’s but also the contact lens fitters out there.

  3. Thanks a lot all your video is very much helpful especially to me…thanks a million… please continue to do this great job of yours….:)

  4. Your simply amazing….love it…:)thank you very very much…how i wish I can attend even one of your actual lectures… keep it up…. your the best…..:)

  5. A very straight to the point presentation covering every aspect of biomicroscopic examination yet not missing to elaborate the basics for everything..Very elegant and usefull.

  6. Thanks so much Dr. Root, again an excellent instructional video. I appreciate it a lot. I use your videos almost everyday to show my patients about their conditions, and personally to learn the different techniques and illuminations in the slit lamp. Regards.

  7. Amazing! I wish i can someday in the future explain ophtalmology to students and medical residents as well as you do! Keep up the awesome work, because lots of people from all over the world are learning from it, thank you!

  8. great, very good , thanks for links,I learn lots of things about the eye & I show my mum also this video.It’s very clear. thanks again.

  9. Best lecture I’ve ever seen.. Enjoyed to the max !! I’m looking up to you sir.. best wishes from the lands of the pyramids 🙂

  10. good evening sir

    this is kewal sahu Finale year student of BVP School of Optometry pune (INDIA) i saw ur lecture and this this is very helpfull to me

    thank you sir

  11. very nice presentation. we are running optometry college on missionery basis for control of blindness. these type of presentation will help our students for better understanding. thanks

  12. Why don’t you have a imbeded player on the site. So that we could take part of the vidoes directly instead of downloading them ?

    • Markus, there IS an embedded player on this page – a Vimeo video, actually. If you can’t see the lecture without downloading, there may be something wrong with your computer, flash, or your network is blocking video sites like Vimeo, Youtube, etc..

  13. Hi Tim

    I am an emergency registrar and I have never been at a lecture so informative yet so humorous at the same time. Thanks very much. This lecture really would help in my clinical practice. Appreciate your efforts Cheers,

    Melbourne , australia

  14. muchas gracias!!! this is grate, i am getting the same killer treatment in my oftalmo rotacion!!! this realy helps!

  15. Thanks. Your video lecture has corrected and enhanced our knowledge of sllitlamp examination. Your contribution to the field of ophthalmology is immensely appreciated. Keep it up!
    Dr. mirjafar

  16. Hello Doctor Root! This lecture was extremely captivating! I actually applauded so loudly, forgetting the fact that i was in the library.. Wonderful explanation!! No words to describe Sir. Thanks a lot!

  17. Thank you Dr root.I’m optometrist and your videos enlightened me more than the real live experience.I like it so much that i had downloaded it.
    Keep it up.
    kisumu kenya

  18. Great video! Very educational. Slit lamp is one of the most complex instruments in medicine and you managed to make it simple. Even an idiot like me understood it!

  19. I remember when a Ophthalmology Resident told me “check the patient on the slit lamp, I come later” I didn’t know a thing about the slit lamp. I was that baby thrown to the water.
    Thank you Sir

  20. I am an Ophthalmologist and working as Professor in Govt. PGIMS, Rohtak Haryana India and like your video on Slit Lamp Examination of Human eye. It will be helpfull for both UG and Pg students of Medical Institute.


  22. I might be wrong, probably not, but Dr. Root is likely the best ophthalmic educator and lecturer, like, ever. His presentation is fluid, packed with information, and just so dang funny!

  23. Hi! I’m glad that one of the fellow residence here showed me the root atlas website. I started my residence latter than my colleagues, so I lost lots of classes, and the slit lamp exam was one of them. I’ve tried to learn this subject in some books, but they were very confusing and unattractive. This video was a great teacher for me!!!!

  24. Dr. Root’s Your videos are great I am with the ARMY AIRFORCE EXCHANGE IN GERMANY WE ARE OPENING TWO NEW OFFICES

  25. You are amazing! Such a helpful lecture. Awesome video, along with many funny clips. What a passionate educator, full of positive energy!

  26. u r just amazing ..em already in love with ur book n videos as em also a beginner…u explain like nobody else ever did…keep it up, thanks

  27. I’m starting a new chapter working in ophthalmology and all your lessons and instructional videos have been amazing!
    Thank you and keep up the outstanding work!


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