Pediatric Eye Exam (Video)

This short and funny lecture covers the child ocular exam. You should find it informative and hopefully entertaining!

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PediatricExamTips.m4v (87 mb)

Screenshots from this video:

This video discusses the difficulty with checking vision in pre-verbal children.
Fix and Follow
Fix and follow vision is often the best we can get.
Retinoscopy of child
Retinoscopy is the technique to estimate glasses prescription based on how the corneal light reflex moves. We’ll talk more about this in the next lecture.
APD in child
APD checking in a child is no different, but we need to accustom the child to the light first.
Bupthalmos (cow eye)
Bupthalmos (cow eye) is an enlarged cornea seen in children with congenital
Scleral Wall is elastic
The scleral wall is elastic in children, and high pressures physically stretch the eye.
Eye exam stickers
Stickers are very useful for grabbing a child’s attention when looking at eye movement problems.
Hirschburg test
The Hirshburg test utilizes the corneal reflex to estimate ocular alignment.
Krimsky test
The Krimsky test is the opposite, where you hold up prisms until the corneal light reflex looks back to normal.
Slit lamp exam in child
Slit-lamp exam in kids is hard.
Eyelid Speculum in child
Eyelid speculum is sometimes necessary for the best view of the retina.
Indirect exam of child
Dilated fundus exam is tricky. Turn your light low, the room lights off, and try not to wake the kid.

Dr. Timothy Root is a practicing ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon in Daytona Beach, Florida. His books, video lectures, and training resources can be found at:


  1. Good pickup, thanks! Sadly, I’m going to have to leave that typo there … it would take hours of video reencoding to fix those few seconds, and it’s just not worth it. Funny, though!

  2. thank you for sending me this great video,i do injoy and admire your way of presenting.although i have trouble time to open it,i know its my computer and my mid knowledge of computers programms but any am looking forword for the next lectures and my be one day i can invite you to lectures us her in saudi arabia in Dhahran eye specialist hospital.

  3. Dear Dr. Root,
    Amazing videos are growing in your wonderful website.I wish to add a littele tip in examining children especially crying ones. Lately, I resorted to have my digital camera ready and photograph them from many angles. I found them easily getting quiet. New cameras has been to the market with changing attractive animations on front side adjacent to lens. Didn’t buy any yet, but I think will help much in our job especially with motility disorders.
    Lastely,I found it useful in measuring large corneas without sending them to theatre for EUA. Just having photos with parents holding a ruler on infant’s forehead and then magnifying image ( am presbyope ) to measure from white to white.
    It is an honor to add my email to your contacts in Cairo, Egypt.
    Dr Moataz A. Attia
    MRCS Ed
    Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

  4. Dear Dr.Root,
    This is the good video,your way of Presenting i do enjoy and it is best way,am looking forword for the next presentation.Thanks.


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