Tim Root’s Books

I’ve written a number of books over the years … most of them simple textbooks geared toward beginning students.  Lately, I’ve branched off into young adult science fiction.  Here are some of my latest offerings!

The bestselling textbook.


This is the textbook that started it all!  I wrote this simple book about ten years ago when I was a resident in ophthalmology.  I gave it out to rotating medical students and slowely improved it over a few years.  The book is now available online as a free pdf download and has been downloaded over 400-thousand times.  The print version is also a bestseller and can be found on amazon here.
180 pages, Paperback

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Over 300 easy questions.

OphthoBook Questions

My latest textbook! OphthoBook questions contains over three hundred multiple-choice questions that have been specifically written to help new eye students learn basic ophthalmology.

Unlike other questions books, these questions are written for the BEGINNER. Plus, every question has detailed answers explaining the underlying concepts so you won’t have to review other books.
236 pages, Paperback

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Written in “plain american”

Root Eye Dictionary

This is a simple eye dictionary that explains basic eye concepts in layman’s terms. Originally written to hand out to patients, many students seem to find it useful as I define the majority of eye diseases in very easy terms. Plus, I have all the most common eye medications in here with a simple explanation of why they are used.
224 pages, Paperback

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Patients love it!

Cataract Handbook

Short 99 page book that we give out to patients before cataract surgery.  The book is a simple question/answer book that explains the intricacies of cataract surgery and answers the most common questions we encounter.

Students will find the information valuable, and experienced eye doctors may find layout of interest in their own pursuit of better patient education.

101 pages, Paperback

69 Design EyeDeas

69 EyeDeas

A book of tips and tricks on how to market your practice and improve patient care. This is a manual that explains how I do things in our clinic: from publishing books,to improving patient education, and setting up your first medical web-page. All my sources are in this guide!

Students will find research ideas within these pages, and experienced doctors may find some tips they can implement in their clinics to improve efficiency.

180 pages, Paperback

Benjamin Impossible

Benjamin Impossible

My first foray into young adult science fiction. From the back cover:

Benjamin Impossible is a genius, kung fu master, and winner of the Franklin Elementary hot dog eating contest three years in a row. But even he doesn’t know who stole NASA’s supply of hyper-helium, the levitating gas that powers his family’s flying houseboat. With a mechanical madman poised to destroy the world, only Benjamin Impossible’s devious brain can solve this mystery.

316 pages, Paperback

Benjamin Impossible 2

Benjamin Impossible 2

Benjamin is back in a whole new underwater adventure. The final edits are being made … be sure to sign up to my email list to learn when the book is released!