The aqueous “humor” is the fluid that fills the front part of the eye (the anterior chamber).  This clear fluid maintains the shape of the eye and affects the eye pressureGlaucoma can occur if the pressure gets too high, and most glaucoma treatments are geared toward regulating the production and drainage of the aqueous fluid.  Several structures in the eye, such as the cornea and lens, contain no blood vessels and rely on the aqueous humor to provide them with nutritional support.

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  1. Aqueous is an important component of the eye … this fluid helps nurture tissues and also maintains the actual pressure of the eye as well.

    ———– The flow of aqueous: ———–
    1. Generated by the ciliary body
    2. Flows under the iris and over the surface of the lens
    3. Flows forward through the pupil into the front of the eye
    4. The anterior chamber is filled and aqueous spreads into the angle
    5. Fluid goes through the trabecular meshwork
    6. The aqueous is absorbed into the Canal of Schlemm into the venous system.


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