amphotericin B

An antifungal medicine that can be compounded (see fortified antibiotics) and used to treat fungal eye infections. There are not many antifungal eye medications out there – the only other eye drop easily available is Natamycin.

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  1. This is a pretty hard core medicine that has significant potential side-effects when given systemically (i.e. through an IV). Many internist call the medication “ampho-terrible.” Topical use is better tolerated. This medicine is usually my first choice with a potential fungal infection, though it has to be mixed up at a pharmacy.

    Fungal eye infections are hard to identify … involving a deep scraping of the cornea and a special culturing process. Fungal infections also take forever to heal.

    If you want to see a video of one of my patients with a fungal ulcer, you may want to watch this fungal ulcer video over at


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