This is an eye drop in the NSAID class of medicines. It is an anti-inflammatory drop with a mechanism similar to Advil or Motrin. It is occasionally used to help with ocular discomfort but mainly used after eye surgery.  This class of medicines is good at decreasing the chance of macular edema (retinal swelling) after cataract surgery.  It can sting a little going in, however.

Here is a puppet explanation:

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  1. There are a lot of eye drops in this class of NSAID drugs. I don’t have a strong preference on which one I use. The generic diclofenac is inexpensive but is usually dosed frequently (4x a day) and tends to cause a lot of cornea surface irritation in my patients. More expensive “brand name” drops like Bromday are better tolerated but can really hit your wallet if you don’t have good prescription drug coverage.


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