An oral water pill that is used to treat glaucoma. This pill is a diuretic and will dehydrate the body, but it will also dehydrate the eye and decrease eye pressure.  This medication is also known as Diamox and is normally used in cases of extremely high eye pressure where we’ve exhausted our topical eye drop options, or used immediately after other eye surgery to avoid pressure spikes. Don’t confuse this with acetomenophine (Tylenol). If you switch these, you might be up all night peeing instead of curing your headache. This pill is also used for people going to high altitudes to avoid mountain sickness. Side effects are minor but can include tingling sensations in the fingers/toes and carbonated soft drinks may taste odd.

Here is a puppet explanation:

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  1. Diamox is a medication that I use sparingly … I mainly reserve it for my patients with intractable glaucoma or pseudotumor cerebri. There is always the risk of sulfa-allergy and long-term use can cause a metabolic acidosis of the blood.


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