Accommodation is the process by which the eye focuses to see near objects.  A normal eye, that is to say, an eye that is neither nearsighted nor farsighted, is naturally focused to see distant objects clearly.  To see close-up objects, such as when reading, the flexible lens inside the eye changes shape and becomes “rounder.”  This process is called accommodation and is quite versatile when young.  After the age of 40, however, our lens becomes stiff and accommodation becomes more challenging.  We lose our ability to accommodate and we become more dependent on glasses and bifocals with time. This loss of accommodation is called presbyopia.

Accommodation of the Ciliary Muscle
With accommodation, the lens becomes rounder.


Finally, here is a rock song about accommodation:

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  1. Accommodation is very strong in childhood but weakens in adulthood. With children, we often have to dilate their eyes (using dilating drops) when we check them for glasses. Otherwise, they accommodate so hard, their glasses prescription becomes inaccurate.

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    Thank you for all of the great online resources you have created. I am currently a 3rd year pediatric resident on my ophthalmology rotation and your materials have been very useful.


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  5. After 40 as your ability to accommodate diminishes, does wearing magnifiers make it worse? Should I be forcing the muscles to work or is this hopeless?


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